1. Art Evaluations
    Art Evaluations
  2. Auction Liquidation
    Auction Liquidation
  3. Expert Appraisals
    Expert Appraisals
  4. Watch Buyer
    Watch Buyer
  5. Redesign your Fine Jewelry Collection
    Redesign your Fine Jewelry Collection
  6. Expert Diamond and Gem Evaluations
    Expert Diamond and Gem Evaluations
Authentic LLC

You have things that are valuable 
Do you know what they are worth?

Authentic LLC considers both your immediate and long term interests 
Wisdom acquired by purchasing diamonds and jewelry over time insures you receive the highest value for your items whether you desire to liquidate or appraise for insurance purposes.   
Authentic's experience working with delicate fine and estate jewelry  from every era gives you options you don't have with other companies.
Authentic's founder has a degree in art which assures you get first quality design across multiple disciplines.  Authentic LLC will assure you receive the highest price for your valuables. 
99% customer response rate. We answer your calls promptly and can evaluate appraise or make a deal quickly , confidentially, and in a secure setting.  The process is simple, an expert  will evaluate your items in front of you and can make an offer, paying you on the spot or appraise for insurance purposes.   Options are available to meet whatever needs you may have now and in the future.