Stacey Holzer

Authentic LLC 

 Authentic LLC was founded in 2007 by Stacey Holzer after years of experience in the Gem and jewelry industry.    
Stacey became a gemologist with GIA, Carlsbad, California in 2003 and has worked with  notable antique and jewelry professionals  such as  J Adelman Antiques, San Antonio, Texas, Tenenbaum and Co, Houston, Texas, and Quality Diamonds of San Diego, California.   She has perfected her appraisal skills working in multiple companies and on her own for many years.  Accurate appraisals include three value based assesments Fair Market, Retail Replacement, and Insurance.  Different appraisals for different purposes require an expert view by an appraiser who understands current market conditions.  Stacey has developed  this unusual skill set working with international trade and local markets in various contexts. 
Current Memberships 
 GIA Alumni Association 
World Affairs Council, Houston, Texas 
MFAH, Houston, Texas 
Custom Design 
June Jones 
Austin, Texas 
Steve gave me my ring this morning before I left for work.  It looks beautiful.  Stacey you did a magnificent job and I will be forever grateful you took on this project.  I feel the love that was put into making it.  Everyone loves it, but I knew they would. 
They keep commenting on how well it is made.  That is why I wanted you to do it and the fact that we will always have a special bond.  The ring is a tangible result of the respect we have for each other.  I will treasure it forever.  THANK YOU STACEY WITH ALL MY HEART.
Appraisal Services 
Dan Bawden
Attorney at Law 
ve had two occassions tow work with Ms. Stacey Holzer, Certified Graduate Gemologist in recent months.  
Specifically she did two appraisals of jewelry items in my late mothers estate.  Determining the value of these items was critical to settling the estate.  It was important to me that it be done properly, and for a fair price.  I retained Ms. Holzer to accomplish these services, and was more than pleased. She came to my location, and was a well prepared professional each time.  More than that, she was very congenial and easy to work with.  She took the time to explain to me the sifnificant features of the jewelry items and answered my questions.  She also patiently explained her methodologies and her extensive background doing this type of work.  After each of her visits here, Ms. Holzer produced detailed , professional appraisal reports replete with the items well photgraphed and itemized.  I was surprised and pleased to receive these in less than two weeks.  I was happy to pay her reasonable fee for a job well done.  I am a practicing estate planning attorney and I'm certain I will be using Ms. Stacey Holzer again.  I will recommendt her to my clients after seeing what a terrific jov she did for me and my family. 
I recommend Ms. Holzer without hesitation. 
Sharon Dodson
Houston, Texas
There is absolutely no comparison in the diamond buying industry! Stacey Holzer is the best!
I took my diamond to several buyers - only Stacey examined it with care and precision.  Others made offers without even weighing the stone! In addition to her skill, knowledge and training as a gemologist, Stacey Holzer offers the privacy of an office and a professional, personable, attitude.  I felt welcome, comfortable, and valued as a client.  Stacey treated me fairly and turned the unfamiliar process of selling my diamond into a relaxed, pleasant business experience. When you have precious stones to sell See Stacey